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ORIA Systems has vast experience creating a Commercial Integrated Solution that will maximise your investment and allows complete control & awareness.

ORIA Systems’ latest integrated technologies enable it to combine CCTV, access control, alarm, duress, fire-detection, intercom, audio-visual and 240V Light Control to provide the end-user with the necessary information and security to control & monitoring your business.

Today, CCTV technology allows analytics to count, measure and analyse real-time motion, enabling people counting, heat mapping of movement hot spots, flow direction identification and number plate recognition. These features help clients to assess their daily operations.

Access control (electronic door control) can be integrated with your CCTV to provide visual verification at the access points of your business.

Remote viewing and monitoring are features that improve productivity and reduce costs – saving you money.

Boom gates, pedestals, bollards and turnstile systems for construction projects and large commercial sites can stand alone or integrate into a software-controlled access control system.

Our systems are tailored to your business requirements and range from simple door answering systems using audio and/or video systems to integrated systems installed throughout your business, including stations in reception areas.

Our team of experts includes certified design specialists, installation professionals, and experienced service technicians. ORIA Systems’ team will ensure that your system is tailored to your site and that all necessary training, documentation and support are provided.

Our intercom systems can be tailored to provide small building solutions to large, multi-level commercial building systems. ORIA Systems also designs intercom solutions for boom gate entry to commercial and residential car parks, operated by reception or concierge staff.

Duress, hold-up and man-down systems are increasingly forming part of many organisations’ duty of care, insurance and WHS considerations and processes.

ORIA Systems’ range of duress and hold-up options provides employees and contractors assurance and protection when working in potentially dangerous environments.

Duress systems are utilised across various industries, including entertainment, industrial, healthcare and retail. They can be integrated into security systems for back-to-base monitoring and CCTV surveillance. Duress buttons can be mounted in various locations or worn as a belt clip, neck lanyard or wristband. All our duress systems are customised to the client’s needs & environment.

Audio and Video systems provide an excellent situational awareness for staff & customers and increase OHS on large sites where actions need to be executed immediately – we can automate it all.

ORIA Systems’ consultant can provide a complete design and implementation plan for all of the above systems into a single platform that will streamline your business security & OHS environment.


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