ORIA Systems utilises the Inner Range LAN Ethernet Bridge Module to design and construct a large access control and Intrusion Detection Systems.

The Inner Range LAN Ethernet Bridge Module provides a convenient interface for connecting RS-485 LAN modules to an Integriti or Inception controller via a standard TCP/IP network.

Key Features of the LAN Ethernet Bridge Module:

  • Connect RS-485 LAN over TCP/IP Ethernet Network
  • Compatible with Infiniti, Integriti and Inception
  • Communicates directly with controller – no master / slave configuration
  • Reduces configuration requirements
  • Heavily reduces hardware requirements
  • Allows RS-485 expansion via IP infrastructure
  • Remote configuration via included Ethernet LAN Configuration Tool

The LAN Ethernet Bridge Module is an IP Ethernet to RS-485 LAN converter. However, the key difference between the two, is the way in which they are configured.

The Ethernet Bridge Module removes the need for master / slave configuration altogether by communicating directly with the controller.

This configuration, combined with the ability to add thirty (30) Ethernet Bridge Modules to a single controller, creates the revolutionary opportunity expand an Integriti, Infiniti or Inception RS-485 LAN via IP Network infrastructure.

Benefits of RS-485 Expansion via IP Infrastructure When an IP infrastructure is the only option, customers are no longer forced into designing a “Flat” controller centric system with minimal RS-485 expansion. This creates a great opportunity for cost-savings when designing and quoting a system or system expansion.

By utilising IP networks to expand an Integriti or Inception system’s RS-485 LAN, the Ethernet Bridge Module reduces the requirement to run additional RS-485 cabling to buildings that already have connectivity to the site network – simply install an Ethernet Bridge Module, and utilise the existing IP infrastructure to communicate directly with the Inception or Integriti controller!

Example scenarios where the LAN Ethernet Bridge Module could be deployed

  • Premises with remote buildings with no RS-485 connectivity that have IP connection to the site’s network (e.g. via a fibre link)
  • Sites with existing network / IP infrastructure that require RS-485 expansion, where a controller-centric system is excessive / overkill compared to the site’s system requirements
  • Site with Ubiquiti Point-to Point wireless links

Example System Architecture

Ethernet Bridge Module Technical Features

  • Up to 30 Ethernet Bridge Modules per controller
  • Up to 30 RS-485 LAN modules downstream from Ethernet Bridge Module
  • Allows TCP or UDP connections
  • Remote configuration via Ethernet LAN Configuration Tool
  • Over-The-Wire firmware upgradeable
  • AES 128-Bit Encryption
  • External Integriti power supply connection
  • Full monitoring of external Integriti SMART power supply
  • Dedicated cabinet tamper input

Inner Range Ethernet LAN Configuration Tool

The Ethernet LAN Configuration Tool is the interface for configuring the connection between Ethernet Bridge Modules and Integriti / Inception controllers. Using this software, integrators can remotely configure multiple Ethernet bridges that are connected to the same network.

This software displays Ethernet Bridge Module information, such as:

  • Module Number (DIPswitch Address)
  • Connection Status
  • Assigned Controller
  • Serial Number
  • Firmware Version
  • IP Address

From within this software, System Integrators have the ability to:

  • Discover Ethernet Bridge Modules on the network
  • Assign modules to a controller
  • Set encryption key / passphrase
  • Change module IP addresses

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