A smoke alarm is critical for the early detection of a fire in your home or business and could mean the difference between life and death. Fires can occur in a variety of ways and in any area of your home or business. But no matter where or how, having a smoke alarm is the first key step toward your home / business safety.

ORIA Systems utilise the Honeywell Fire Photoelectric Smoke Alarm detectors range due to proven reliability and robust design that makes them one of the best of security integrated Fire Photoelectric Smoke detectors in the market.

The Honeywell Fire Photoelectric Smoke Alarm detector is designed to provide early warning of developing fires for occupants of residential and commercial buildings. This detector is a photoelectric smoke detector that is specifically designed for open area protection. These multi-voltage, 4 wire smoke alarms can be connected to many third-party devices such as security alarm systems and access control systems. The detector is supplied complete with mounting ring and 9VDC back-up battery, which means that even when the 240V is off, you still have 2 backup batteries to power up your smoke detector, the first is the security system backup battery and the second is the internal battery of the smoke detector.

The smoke detector has a compact design makes it attractive to look at and easy to install. The 2012/24AUSI photoelectric smoke-alarms are designed to respond to a broad range of fires while providing maximum stability. The low-voltage wiring makes them ideal for applications such as apartment buildings and nursing homes. In addition, up to 24 units may be interconnected.

A smoke alarm should be installed and maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When installing a smoke alarm detector, many factors influence where you will place the detector, including how many are to be installed. Consider placing alarms along your escape path to assist in egress in limited-visibility conditions. In general, you should place alarms in the centre of a ceiling or, if you place them on a wall, they should be near the ceiling.

ORIA Systems can ensure that if a smoke alarm is activated in your business or home, the security system will notify you immediately via push notifications or via email communication or both.

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