ORIA Systems understand that today’s businesses are continually tasked to keep up with ever-changing security technologies. As requirements continue to evolve, this presents unique security challenges to companies with old security / access control systems that support only outdated card readers technologies.

In order to understand this challenge business are facing today, there are key questions that may be asked by those responsible for physical access control systems, including:

  • Will my current access control system work with the new type of technologies and comply with new Cyber security standards?
  • If not, what can I do to rectify the issue?
  • How do I take advantage of new and advanced security technologies for access control management to improve my business security profile?

The answers to these questions will vary depending on your business security / access control system type, cyber security policies and current IT network infrastructure.

At the same time, there has been a fundamental shift in access control that also significantly impacts how secure identities are created, used and managed. With advancements in access control, you no longer need to choose a technology for your system that you are locked into down the road. Instead, the latest solutions have made it possible for customers to dynamically enhance and change your technology over time to meet the evolving needs of your business.

As the new standard in access control, HID Global’s iCLASS SE platform positions you for the future with an open and adaptable solution that allows you to easily integrate your system for:

  • Higher security
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Interoperability
  • Flexibility and performance

The iCLASS SE card reader technology platform features a broad portfolio of eco-friendly, field-upgradeable readers, credential encoding solutions, microprocessor-based cards, smart cards, and digital credentials for mobile access. The platform also includes a comprehensive set of tools that simplify third-party product development.

The iCLASS SE card reader technology integrates seamlessly to the Inception or the Integriti access control platforms.

large and small business are becoming more mobile each day and security to support them must be also.

The platform’s iCLASS Seos credentials are portable for use on Near Field Communications (NFC)-enabled mobile devices, which allows customers to use NFC smartphones, USB tokens, and other devices for access control and other applications.

Whether you’re introducing a new access control system in your business, migrating to a higher level of security, or incorporating the use of NFC smartphones for mobile access, the iCLASS SE platform provides customers and end users with the assurance that your investment in today’s technologies can be leveraged into the future.

ORIA System has a professional security consultant to assist you both with the design and implementations of your new access control system.

In addition, ORIA Systems’ professional installation team will ensure that your new security / access control system paired with the latest Bluetooth card readers technology will enable your business great technological flexibility the highest level of cyber security. ORIA Systems commit that your new security / access control system will operate to the highest standards guaranteed with our 12 months comprehensive warranty. Our product range and in-house expertise offer you peace of mind knowing that as your organisation expands, your security / access control system has the flexibility to grow with you.

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