ORIA Systems utilises Inner Range Access Control system (Inception) because of their high level of flexibility and scalability and most advanced technological electronic architecture. ORIA Systems’ access control solution offering you a perfect fit for your organisation regardless of its size and risk.

Our professional installation team will ensure that your new system will operate to the highest standards. Our product range offer you peace of mind knowing that as your organisation expands, the access control system has the flexibility to grow with you.

ORIA Systems utilise the Integriti Standard LAN Access Module (SLAM), the SLAM can be used to control and monitor up to 2 doors on the Inception RS-485 LAN (or via using LAN over RS-485 Converters).

The SLAM offers a complete suite of programmable options to provide advanced high-security access control, security area control and door alarm monitoring functions. Cached functionality is also provided via the on-board database to provide offline access control operation for up to 2,000 user cards if communications to the Inception main panel is lost.

Cache expiry time for the module can be configured with expiry times ranging from 1 hour to 4 months. In addition, each user has an option to be stored permanently within the modules cache, particularly useful for situations where certain staff may need to be guaranteed access if the module is offline.

The SLAM has heavy duty relays are provided for lock switching, along with auxiliary outputs for “Valid”, “Invalid” and “Door Open Too Long Warning” to control LEDs and/or buzzers.

ORIA Systems can program the SALM with a various of configurations options allow for each Reader to be configured independently and security area control to be integrated with access control where required. Door Contacts and/or Tongue Sense inputs are utilized to provide “Door Forced” and “Door Open Too Long” alarms. Any spare zones may be used as general-purpose zone inputs for use with PIR’s, PE Beams, etc.


  • Offline 2,000 user card cache
  • RS-485 Reader connectivity (up to 4 SIFER or third party OSDP Readers)
  • Entry and exit readers for both doors when using Inner Range SIFER or third party OSDP readers
  • Reader options to control Doors, Lifts, Areas and Keypad User Logon
  • Supports Wiegand card readers up to 88bits
  • Wiegand reader outputs with individual self-resetting overcurrent protection
  • Dedicated lock power input
  • External Integriti power supply connection
  • Full monitoring of external Integriti SMART power supply
  • Heavy duty lock relays
  • Reader Valid & Invalid outputs
  • Door reed & tongue sense inputs per door
  • Door request to enter & exit inputs per door
  • DOTL relay outputs per door
  • Dedicated cabinet tamper input
  • RS-485 LAN connectivity
  • Over-The-Wire firmware upgradeable
  • Built-in module locater buzzer

For intrusion detection and low-level automation / Integration, ORIA Systems utilise the Integriti 8 Zone LAN Expander Module.

The Integriti 8 Zone LAN Expander Module connects directly to the Integriti or RS-485 LAN and provides an additional 8 Zone Inputs, 2 Auxiliary Outputs.

The 8 Zone LAN Expander Module also offers a UniBus in-cabinet expansion interface allowing further expansion of Zone Inputs and Auxiliary Outputs using plug on UniBus expansion devices fitted within the same tamper-protected enclosure. Up to 32 Zone Inputs or 32 Auxiliary Outputs can be connected to the Module (32 Zones and 26 Auxiliaries or 24 Zones and 32 Auxiliaries at the same time). This means, no matter how big is the area that you need to protect, ORIA Systems can assure you that you will always have the spare capacity and capability.

The below is a summary of the Inception platform capabilities:

Security Alarm & Intruder detection

Inception is a fully featured intruder detection system capable of monitoring up to 512 detection points with powerful security monitoring features, which tightly integrate with Inceptions access control function.

Access Control

Inception is a powerful access control system capable of providing physical access for up to 128 doors and 256 card readers. The access control system provides logical and clever integration with the security alarm function.


Inceptions universal inputs and outputs can be used for monitoring and automated actions and control of systems such as lighting, air conditioning and many other systems. Convenient control is provided via Inceptions web-based interface giving you convenient and flexible control directly from a tablet or smartphone.

Multiple Devices

The Inception web interface is responsive, meaning that the layout of the interface is automatically adjusted to suit the device you are using to access it. This keeps Inceptions navigation and controls easy to follow, regardless of which device is being used to access it.

IP Alarm Transmission

Inception is designed for the modern age of alarm transmission, and is equipped with IP alarm communication functions straight out of the box. Inception can be connected and monitored via its on-board Ethernet connection using the Inner Range Multipath-IP system. Or it can be teamed up with a T4000 alarm communicator to provide dual-path IP alarm transmission using 3G wireless communications networks.

Built-in web server (No Software Required)

With the web-based software interface being built directly into the Inception system controller, there is no need to install security management software onto a separate computer. This provides a quick and hassle-free installation process and outstanding convenience for daily operation and control. It also eliminates any chance of software/hardware version clashes.

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